Into the Wild
Into the Wild
01. April 2009
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4 Sterne
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A documentation about the young Christopher McCandless, who went into the wild and never returned

Jon Krakauer tells the true story of the young American hitchhiker Christopher McCandless. After graduating from High School, McCandless left his home and his parents to go on a big adventure. He gave all his money to charity and hitchhiked through America. His biggest dream was to hike into the Alaskan wilderness and survive there with little supplies. In April 1992, he could fulfill this dream. However, it became a nightmare and he starved 113 days later.
What made the young man decide to leave society and go into the wild? How could it all end in such a tragedy?
Krakauer tries to find out, who this man was. The journalist asked his family and people Chris McCandless met on his way about his personality. He also tries to find possible motives for McCandless’s “great Alaskan odyssey” and the reasons for the tragic ending of it.

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